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HACP Publication


HACP Special Report by NHK News
   The show stated that, in human, ~40% of collagen exists in skin, and the loss of collagen accelerates after age 25; signs of aging increases.
   JELLICE HACP has very small molecular weight and high bioavailability. Supplementing HACP helps your skin, also assists in repairing after injury and exercise. 
   In human study, consuming JELLICE HACP increased elasticity and moisture of the face. 
   JELLICE HACP can be used in cosmetics too; our skin will absorb HACP topically.

Dr. Sakai present the benefit of HACP tri-peptide.

HACP (Collagen Tri-Peptide) Complete Studies
 (The following info is for medical professionals only)


The Functions and Applications of HACP Have Been Reported on Most of The News in Japan.
The Popularity and Sales are Rocketing As Well.
The Creator: Dr. Sakai is also a Celebrity !!