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   JELLICE gelatin is manufactured by acidulation process (Type-A) originated in Europe, and quality controlled by Japanese standard. The factory is built according to food GMP regulations with strict cleaning procedure and closed-circuit manufacturing process. It is free from contamination and disturbance.

Gelatin   Raw Material Pre-treatment Acidulation Neutralization Refinement
    Product Packaging Pulverization Drying Sterilization

   JELLICE collagen peptide is manufactured from gelatin produced by JELLICE; quality control from the beginning. Our state-of-the-art collagen factory only uses stainless-steel equipments and RO water for manufacturing. In order to prevent contamination, the environment is positive-pressurized, workers and materials are also divided. Automated, centralized computer and surveillance system provide immediate feedback and top quality products. 

Collagen   Gelatin Dissolution Enzymatic Reaction De-activation Refinement
        Product Packaging Drying Sterilization