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JELLICE HACP is manufactured by unique enzymatic hydrolyzation of gelatin (Patented). The molecular weight of active ingredient Gly-X-Y is only 1/1000 of regular collagen (~300kDa), and has superior bioavailability. It can be tested in the blood.
After unique enzymatic hydrolysation,
molecular weight of Gly-X-Y is only 1/1000 of regular collagen (~300kDa).



HACP contains >90% of protein
The active ingredient Gly-X-Y (Tri-peptide) is >15%,
and is not found in other collagens


Small Molecular Weight = High Bioavailability


Proven in study, the active ingredient of HACP "Gly-X-Y"
is absorbed into body, and found in the blood



Proven in study, HACP increase moisture and Hyaluronic Acid